If Christ has all authority and you and I (the church) have been given fullness in Christ, that means all authority has been given to who? The Church!! It’s time to BE THE CHURCH. It’s time to BE the church BOLDLY. Col 2:9 Col 1:15-20

We are not weak. We ARE strong. Believe in the God of your armor, not the armor this world THAT you think you need. Ephesians 6 Joshua 1:9 Christ IS IN YOU. Be the hope today.

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The confident expectation of what God has promised.

Am I anxious? Yes.

Am I uncertain? Yes.

But am I fearful? No.Deuteronomy 31:8 tells us to “not be afraid or discouraged” because “He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Our responsibility to remain open because of our USPS contract with the government creates a unique situation in that we get to continue to share Hope for at least awhile longer.

We don’t take that “privilege” lightly.

We’re going to do our best to provide that Hope for our guests through these times.

Everyday. My mind is filled with new information, recommendations and warnings.

Everyday I’m prayerfully petitioning God for mercy and grace as we face these days ahead.

Everyday I’m seeking instruction through His Word.But everyday....

God continues to show up with His mighty goodness. The texts, calls, messages, notes and smiles of all of you have been such a blessing to so many of our 300+ families here across the Alyssa’s campus.

Offering curb side pick up, call in orders, delivery and drop off, and even trying to help with ideas and projects are just a few things we have implemented. Upgraded cleaning, extensive sanitizing, 6 ft distancing in isles, and many more precautions are in place.

The greatest thing we can ALL do, however, is pray.If you need prayer, just let us know. I’ll meet you on the porch, in the parking lot or call you on the phone. If I’m not around, we have many prayer warriors who would be honored as well.

It’s time we boldly walk in Faith and share the Hope that we’ve been so graciously been allowed - even if it’s from 6 feet away. God IS able and we must trust that THIS too will bring glory to Him.