Our Vendors

Our Vendors are a very special group of people!
They come from Pace, Pensacola, Milton and beyond!
They are carpenters, artisians, painters, knitters and craftspeople
all with one thing in common - a PASSION for what they do
and what they bring to Alyssa's and Alyssa's Etc.!
When you walk through our store you'll find each space full of the personality,
passions and interests of the vendor who maintains it.
They take great pride in every item they offer to YOU!
If you're looking for handcrafted items, home decor,
antiques, vintage items or furniture, our vendors have
you covered!

To get an "inside" look at what each vendor is doing,
their current projects and how they do what they do,
you can visit their individual FaceBook Pages below!

If you would like to apply to become one of the awesome vendors
at Alyssa's please click