Be the Church.

If Christ has all authority and you and I (the church) have been given fullness in Christ, that means all authority has been given to who? The Church!! It’s time to BE THE CHURCH. It’s time to BE the church BOLDLY. Col 2:9 Col 1:15-20

We are not weak. We ARE strong. Believe in the God of your armor, not the armor this world THAT you think you need. Ephesians 6 Joshua 1:9 Christ IS IN YOU. Be the hope today.

#JesusFirst #JoyfullyImperfect #FlawedButFearless #FiercelyFocused #MarathonMovements #OneMission #DMD #SmallTownGirl #BigGodDreams #2020vision #Proverbs2121 #SetApart #Romans1513

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