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12/7/24 Holiday Gift Market

12/7/24 Holiday Gift Market


Thanks for your interest in being a part of one of our Markets at Alyssa's! We love hosting these each year and would love for you to be a part of it.   Our preference is for vendors with handcrafted, unique items that will make awesome gifts, holiday décor and more! We will allow three network marketing vendors each week.



These spaces are approximately 7x9’ on our Porch, and there is not space for tents. You will have access to electricity if needed.



These spaces will require tents and DO NOT have access to electricity. The spaces will fit a 10x10’ tent. You will not be able to stake your tents down so, if needed, please bring other methods to keep your tent down. Your spot will be assigned the morning of the Market when you arrive.


For Tent purposes, if you plan to have a wall, we would suggest to have your tent “open” for people to walk through on two sides. We will have an aisle set up between the rows, and want people to be able to visit as many booths as possible without feeling like they are “stuck”, so please plan to have two walls open if possible!



You will need to bring your own tables, racks, display items, etc. You are only renting open space. You are responsible for bagging your own merchandise, collection of your own $$ and making your own change - we will not have any extra for these days. You are welcome to pass out cards & info if you'd like too!


Everyone will be able to begin setting up at 6am the day of the event. Should you wish to drive up to your spot to unload – it is imperative that you come early to get set up.


All vendors must arrive no later than 8:00am the day of the Market as people will show up before our store opens at 9, and we want you to be 100% ready to go by 8:45 at the latest.


We ask that vendors do not break down and/or leave before 3:00pm. A crowd definitely draws a crowd, and we don’t want people thinking they are here “too late” to shop at the Market, so we ask that no one leaves early if you’re going to sign up.



Our Markets are family friendly, and we expect all products being sold by our market vendors to reflect that, too. Our Mission statement is to provide a superior store with excellent customer service in a Christ-Centered atmosphere, all while impacting our community by being the hands and feet of Jesus.


That being said, it is important for us to be sure we can promote your items in accordance with our mission. A lot of families will be at our market for a weekend stroll to find treasures and support local business owners, so all products must be reflective of that overall. We reserve the right to ask you to remove anything or not be able participate in the Market if you can not follow these guidelines.


All Fees are nonrefundable if you cancel your spot at any time before the event. 


You can sign up for 2 Gift Markets at a maximum. We want to give the opportunity to several different vendors who have supported us throughout this year.


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon!

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