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August 17th // Ladies Night

August 17th // Ladies Night




Hello Potential Ladies Night Vendor!

Thank you for your interest in our August 17, 2024 Ladies Night! Here's the run down on participating in the evening.


Ladies Night at Alyssa's is an event that has really grown over the years! For $40 and a $50 gift, you can have access to our fabulous clientele who love to shop and have fun finding new things to buy and new people to do business with. 

For Ladies Night, we accept between 15-20 participants on a first come first served basis. We hold Ladies Nights three times a year in the months of January, April and July. We allow one person per company and also one person per some categories as is deemed necessary by us in order to keep everyone at maximum productivity for the night.

The cost to be a Ladies Night vendor is $40 plus a gift basket for raffle worth $50.00. We allow vendors to set up any time after 3 pm on the 17th. We require you to arrive no later than 5pm and ask that you stay until at least 8PM or the end of the event. The event itself is scheduled for 6-8pm. However, it usually runs over until approximately 8:30pm.

We scatter all the vendors throughout the store and each vendor has their own individual location. You are responsible for bringing any sort of decoration that you want to bring (i.e. tablecloths, flowers, balloons etc.) to make your "station" stand out. This will give you your own space recognition to make a connection with potential new customers.


The spaces are very small – enough for approx. just one 4x5’ table at most so be prepared to just fill up that amount of space as much as possible. Please bring your own table, however, you may be assigned a spot that already has a table. Please remember that each & every square foot of our store is rented space. Therefore, you are only permitted to use the space we allot you. The most successful vendors use the time to make connections - not actually sell product.

As customers come in we will give them a "passport" that they will need to have stamped (with stamps we provide you that night) at each station. This will get them to each and every person's table and get them to meet you and give you the chance to make a personal connection! For each person who gets their card stamped completely by each vendor, they will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a few large gift certificates that we provide as well as other gifts provided by us that night.

You will bring a gift basket of your own and your own entry canister/bucket and slips that has your info on it for your gift basket. Each customer will have to stop at your station to enter/register to win your individual gift. Please bring your own slips for your giveaway and we will return them to you at the end of the night so you can have their contact information for further reference.


We are asking that to be involved in the event you do three things:


1) Pay $40 to reserve your spot. When you are approved to attend you will be sent a link to register and pay. You MUST pay within 48 hours of receiving the link or your spot will be given to the next person in line.


2) Do some sort of a giveaway/gift basket that you will take entries for at your table that day/evening. This basket/gift should be worth at least $50.


3) Share the info via your email list, Facebook and tell your friends and family too! We will create a Facebook event that is open and hope that you will invite all your friends. This should create a domino invite list that should pack the store that night.


If you want to join in or have any further questions, please email us at We continue to be amazed at the turnout for our events even now and CAN NEVER wait to see how it all unfolds. We have so much fun and the store is a buzz that night. Our events have been very fruitful for everyone involved so I am glad to be able to support local people and offer this to you.

One other quick thing - you should have a friend or family member help you that night. It gets busy and it really helps to have a helper or two. Thanks again for your interest, and have a great day!


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