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12/9/23 Gift Market

12/9/23 Gift Market


Thanks for your interest in having a front porch space at Alyssa’s Mini Markets!  We will only allow 16 vendors per weekend. Our preference is for vendors with handcrafted, unique items that will make awesome gifts, holiday décor and more! We will allow three network marketing vendors each week.



There is a $50 space fee for our 16 front porch spaces available for this event. They are approximately 9x7 and are on our covered front porch. Feel free to come in and take a look at the porch. I will always have time to show you how we set it up for the markets. Power is available. You will need a heavy duty extension cord(s) and/or power strip. Your fee should be paid ASAP to secure your spot. All Fees are nonrefundable if you cancel your spot at any time before the event.  You can sign up for 2 weeks maximum. We want to give the opportunity to several different vendors who have supported us throughout this year.

Vendors can begin setting up at 6am the day of the event. Should you wish to drive up to your spot to unload – it is imperative that you come early to get set up. All vendors must park in the very far end of Alyssa’s Outfield. When you arrive the day of the event, Liz will be there to help you get situated. You should check in with her when you arrive. All vendor related vehicles will need to be out of the main walkway/driveway and front parking lot by 9:00am. Again, ALL VENDORS MUST PARK in the very far end of the outfield- do NOT park in the Alyssa's lot. We need every available spot for customers!


You are responsible for bagging your own merchandise, collection of your own $$ and making your own change - we will not have any extra for these days. You are welcome to pass out cards & info if you'd like too! You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, displays, shelves etc.

All Markets are 9am-3pm. We ask that the Porch vendors do not break down and/or leave before 3:00pm. It helps everyone if the area stays full. “A crowd draws in a crowd” for sure around here! If you cannot attend for the full time, please do not sign up. Please be courteous and remove all of your trash when leaving. You can come into the store to register or call the front counter at 850-994-9114!


Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon!


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!