Pumpkin Decorating Contest Registration

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Registration


Join us for our 1st Annual pumpkin decorating contest!


This is open to anyone who would like to earn money for their favorite local 501(c)3 charity!

We would like to specifically encourage unity in our community by asking businesses,
civic organizations, team moms, teacher groups, families, crewes, etc
to join together and have some fun!

100% of the profits will go to YOUR favorite charities!

That's right! The winners get to pick the charity of their choice and get
 bragging rights around town!

1st Place winners get 50%

2nd & 3rd place winners both get 25%

all of which will be sent to your favorite charity on your behalf!

There is a $20 registration fee that includes your pumpkin.

Registration will be open until Friday, Sept. 4th.

Pumpkin pickup at Alyssa's will be Sept 28th through Oct 3rd.

The deadline for dropping off completed pumpkins

at Alyssa's will be Friday, Oct. 9th.

Public voting both online and instore will be

October 10th - 26th.

Voting will be $1 for each ballot!

The winner will be announced on Oct. 27th.

The pumpkins will then be auctioned off during our

weekly auction on Wednesday, October 28th.

The total of registrations, voting and auction receipts

will be incorporated and split between the top three

winners for their charities!


A few of the nitty gritty details…

Pumpkins can not be carved or pierced in any way to maintain freshness for display.

The decorations will need to be all done on the exterior of the pumpkin.

Painting, gluing, building, etc. can all be done but the total pumpkin size cannot exceed 36”x36.”


Any theme is open, however any pumpkin deemed inappropriate will not be accepted.


All questions can be addressed to Lizatalyssas@gmail.com

We hope to see you soon!

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