The Refinery @ Alyssa's

Nestled between Alyssa's Etc and Alyssa's, The Refinery @Alyssa's was opened
in 2017 to expand our showroom space for furniture. 
During construction, we chose to highlight exposed beams,
aged raw wood ceilings and fun brick peek a boos to show our passion to
remain unique in our atmosphere. The Refinery welcomes you with sunny brightness
but a ton of character to inspire you!
You can comfortably stroll through the bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms while
creating a vision of the pieces that would be perfect for your space. 
Memorable wall art, rugs, lighting and accent furniture are the perfect
way to add uniqueness to your home without breaking the budget !
We invite you to relax in our leather recliners and sofas and test out our uncomplicated mattress choices.
Let our mission driven staff help you 
make your house feel more like home one room at a time.