Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in booth space at Alyssa's.

At the present time, we have quite a long list of potential new vendors waiting for a space. Although the list is long, we encourage you to submit a booth application if you have a passion for this business and would like a spot with us here at Alyssa's. Booth rent begins at $3.25 a square foot plus tax and starts at about $45 per month with a 10% commission rate paid to the store from your sales each month.

Our contract is month to month.


We pride ourselves in finding the perfect people to fill spots as they come open. Therefore, it is not merely a first come, first serve on our booths - we choose to fill with different and unique items as much as we can. If you sell specific items, we ask that you list them out specifically on your application and even ask for pictures of your items if possible. Here at Antique Depot, we strive for a unique look for our store. The customers love to walk through our aisles and find all sorts of treasures! We strive to keep the store full of all different types and styles of items to keep our customers looking down each aisle to maximize profits and interest!


Having a booth at Alyssa's is really a part-time job. We are extremely blessed with continuous traffic. Our items sell very quickly. Alyssa’s vendors usually spend 5 hours minimum a week on their booths either in the store fluffing, working on items to tag and bring in from home or shopping for new inventory. This is a minimal investment as most times your items will sell much quicker & you will need to dedicate more time to keep your booth full& fresh. If you can't do this, we are not the place for you. Our items turn so quickly that you will need to be able to refill as needed each week.


Some people are just looking to liquidate items from their home and in this case, we recommend consignment. We sometimes take large items such as furniture, mirrors, lamps, etc on consignment for a 60% you and 40% us split. To do so, we ask that you forward pictures of the items you wish to sell, and we can give you approximate prices that they will sell for. Most folks who are just trying to sell one type of merchandise or just a few items, unfortunately, may never get a chance for a booth because our list is very long. It’s a blessing to have minimal openings but we also understand the frustration of waiting. Again though, you may want to consider consignment and decide if this will work for you or not.


Another option is to “try” us out by participating in one of our Outdoor Markets and/or a Ladies Night event. These are one-day functions that will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not our customers will buy your things. Should you want more info on them, please email our marketing manager at


In any case, once again, we thank you very much for your interest in space at Alyssa's. We love each and every one of our eclectic consignors and vendors and are thankful for the opportunity God has given us to continue to serve our customers with a great variety of

merchandise and great prices.

Have a blessed day and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Blessings, Alyssa Schepper