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Potential Vendor Information

Hello Potential Vendors!

Thank you for your interest in a booth rental at Alyssa’s. Currently, we have quite a long list of potential new vendors patiently waiting for space. However, we encourage you to take the first step toward becoming part of our vendor family by submitting a booth application. Booth rentals start at $3.50 per square foot (plus tax) and a 10% commission paid from monthly gross sales. Our per square foot rental rate is subject to nominal annual increases.

We pride ourselves in selecting the best-fitting vendors to fill our vacancies when space comes available. Therefore, vendor selection is never a first-to-apply, first-approved process. We are very intentional about selecting new vendors who will expand our merchandise assortment rather than duplicating lines that are already available. This time-tested approach is not only beneficial for our guests but also for our vendors because it minimizes competition for sales within the same or very similar merchandise categories.

If you specialize in a particular item or line of products that you believe will enhance our guests’ shopping experience, please provide photos and as much detailed information as possible about your specialty to help us with the approval process.

Managing a booth at Alyssa’s requires more than a passive commitment. Our vendor family is a community of successful local artists, artisans, makers, pickers, antiquers, resellers, and imagineers. Above all, they are hardworking businesspeople who embrace our organization’s mission and contribute to our community’s future.

Our Mission (and business model):

To provide a superior store 

with excellent customer service 

and a Christ-centered atmosphere; 

all while impacting our community 

by being the hands and feet of Jesus

PLEASE NOTE: Alyssa’s is blessed with enormous traffic – both in store and online. Weekends are especially busy because that is when most of our major events and seasonal promotions take place.
To keep up with demand and to maintain our store’s merchandising standards (as well as to achieve sales per square foot expectations), potential new vendors should plan on investing a minimum of 5 hours per week in-store physically tagging, filling, organizing, and merchandising their booths.
It is important to understand that, as a community operating under the Alyssa’s banner, each vendor’s individual contribution (or lack thereof), helps to shape our guests’ experience. As your business grows – so must your commitment of time. If you do not believe that you can effectively manage a challenging business at Alyssa’s while also prioritizing your commitments to family and career – a booth at Alyssa’s may not be the best fit now.

If entering into a contractual booth agreement is not a good fit now, then we encourage you to participate in one of our many Outdoor Markets or Ladies’ Night events. These one-day functions are designed to draw a crowd and will help you determine how our guests will respond to the items you sell. For more information about these programs, please email our Marketing and Events Manager at

Thank you for your interest in joining our Alyssa’s vendor family. We are passionate about serving our community and helping small businesses thrive. Whether your goal is managing a booth or simply participating in our one-day events, we are thrilled that you have chosen to partner with us. We would not be who we are today if not for creative and courageous small business leaders like you!

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